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Mesa Verde – Keep Out?

I knew what to expect at Mesa Verde. This was the first major ruin site rediscovered in the U.S. Southwest, and it’s been a national park since 1906. It’s been heavily visited over the years, and that resulted in the present policy that closes most ruins...
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Rock Art And Archeoastronomy At Chaco Canyon

Chaco. To students of U.S. Archeology, that word means 4-story stone buildings before the Spaniards came to America, Great Kivas that witnessed ceremonies we can only guess at, and stone-edged roadways extending in all directions – all this from a people without...
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The Observatory At Chimney Rock

Natural Survival We’ve forgotten things our ancestors depended on for survival. We ignore events in the skies, watching TV or computer screens in our homes instead, and get our food from the grocery store. Chimney Rock, Colorado Food, Shelter and Seasons The...
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Wrong Turns To Twin Angels Outlier

We weren’t lost, but I wasn’t exactly sure where we needed to be. “Hmmm… this could be it. We’re not supposed to drive down into the canyon, so take the left-hand spur.” Behind the wheel, my wife Pat was understandably concerned...