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They moved from pits in the ground to five-story buildings they made by hand.

No horses, no wheels, no metal, only muscle power. They built not one but 13 of these multi-story Great Houses, and thrived in a land well known for drought and scarce resources. When long-term drought hit and those resources got especially scarce, they began starving and fighting over them. Finally, the survivors had enough and joined other pueblos to the west and south.

We know them as Ancestral Puebloans, Hisatsinom, or Anasazi.

When I look out over Chaco Canyon's ruins from North Mesa, I wonder what I would have seen when this was a major cultural center. Was it teeming with...

Pilgrims? Priests? The elite ruling class? Farmers supporting a far-flung system?

No one knows for sure. They left no written record. But the amazing remains of their lives are there - imposing ruins, cryptic petroglyphs and pictographs, ruler-straight roads, traces of water control systems. I'd like to help you tell their story using your camera, and get some professional-quality pictures. You'll learn to interpret that story and make it part of yours.

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