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2-day Chaco Canyon Tour


Introduction to spectacular Chacoan Great House ruins. Get close to Pueblo Bonito, Chetro Ketl, Kin Kletso, Casa Rinconada’s Great Kiva, and Chacoan petroglyphs on your first day.

On day two, hike Chaco’s South Gap and ascend South Mesa. The trail winds gradually towards Tsin Kletzin, a rare Great House ruin south of Chaco Wash. Finish with a high view of Casa Rinconada’s Great Kiva aiming north to Pueblo Bonito and Pueblo New Alto.

2020 Dates
5/16/2020 | 10/16/2020 | 11/23/2020

Tour & Instruction $795 SUMMER SALE $695
(taxes, lodging & meals not included)

Tour Includes –

  • Before-tour meeting for gear suggestions, directions, and expected conditions.
  • Recent archeological thinking on site history
  • Guiding to the best viewpoints for photography
  • Professional techniques and shooting suggestions
  • Professional critique of your best pictures
  • Suggestions for high-quality lodging and restaurants


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Questions? email me -

Can’t make a scheduled photo tour? Ask about a tour on your schedule. I can accommodate private tours with at least two participants. I’ll need at least a month’s advanced notice for Chaco Canyon and Tracking the Anasazi tours, and two weeks for everything else. Just call me at (408) 483-3782 to set up your private tour.

Because of extra planning and attention, private tour cost is 15% more than a scheduled tour, and subject to my availability.

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