Hidden Mesa Prieta Photo Tour
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Half-day Hidden Mesa Prieta Photo Tour

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Petroglyph National Monument has one beautiful area very few ever see. Mesa Prieta offers a remote trail to the narrow southern tip of the Monument’s 17-mile escarpment, and outstanding views of the Sandia Mountains and the Volcanoes.

You can also see about 10,000 petroglyphs – if you want to count them.

We’ll meet at the street entry point at sunrise. You’ll get a reminder call the evening before to go over your written directions and what to bring.

2020 Tour Dates
4/11/2020 | 9/19/2020 | 10/12/2020 | 11/6/2020

Tour & Instruction $124 $99 special (taxes, lodging & meals not included)

Tour Includes –

  • Discussion of recent archeological thinking on site history
  • Guiding to the best viewpoints for photography
  • Instruction on professional techniques and shooting suggestions

Mesa Prieta

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Questions? email me - markb@activelightphotography.com

Can’t make a scheduled photo tour? Ask about a tour on your schedule. I can accommodate private tours with at least two participants. I’ll need at least a month’s advanced notice for Chaco Canyon and Tracking the Anasazi tours, and two weeks for everything else. Just call me at (408) 483-3782 to set up your private tour.

Because of extra planning and attention, private tour cost is 15% more than a scheduled tour, and subject to my availability.

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