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Happy Birthday at Hovenweep

Ghosts at Fort Stanton

Indian Uprisings and a Fort of Stone – The place always was pretty empty. New Mexico had no more than 93,516 people in it before the Civil War. Of those, around 10,000 were Indians. There were enough of them to make trouble for the remaining population, mostly...
Happy Birthday at Hovenweep

Winter Shooting

Keep a camera handy in winter. Yes it’s cold, and you will have to bundle up like the Michelin Man. But once you get out there, you’ll be saying “Oh, wow!” so much you may forget to photograph anything. Low-Angle Winter Sun Gives Great Light...
Happy Birthday at Hovenweep

Taos Munching

Food enhances travel like nothing else. Especially in New Mexico, what you’re eating defines the place. If you want instant ID as an insider, order Christmas on the side when your server asks, “Red or green?” That gives you both types of chili, and...