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Photography in the time of Coronavirus

Ghosts at Fort Stanton

Indian Uprisings and a Fort of Stone – The place always was pretty empty. New Mexico had no more than 93,516 people in it before the Civil War. Of those, around 10,000 were Indians. There were enough of them to make trouble for the remaining population, mostly...
Photography in the time of Coronavirus

Fall Color at Bosque

I don’t hate my smartphone’s “AoooOOgah” alarm too much when there’s a good reason for it. This time, it’s an O-dark thirty wakeup call just a few miles from Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Bosque is where many snow...
Photography in the time of Coronavirus

Shoot Killer Sunsets

Everyone shoots them. But most sunset shots make you yawn – see one end-of-day color riot, and you’ve seen ’em all, right? InfoTrends estimated all of us shot 1.3 trillion photos in 2015. Of that number, a large percentage were sunsets. (If all 1.3...