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Some Beef In The iHype

Apple’s products have been poster children for elegant design for many years. The iPad has several things an ebook reader, web surfer, and video appliance need, but some glaring omissions crash it. Its 1024 X 768 screen isn’t natively compatible with 720p...
Great Upgrade or Waste of Money?

Great Upgrade or Waste of Money?

Many of us look through virtual store windows like little kids staring at video games. We salivate over new stuff, sweaty hands on credit cards, even when we’re unemployed. Most of the time, we already have last year’s model operating perfectly. When is it...

New Features For Old Strobes

Radiopopper‘s JrX promises 128:1 manual flash output adjustment with wireless triggering. For most professional and semi-pro photographers on location, that’s a big deal, especially over long distances and through wooden walls. There’s just one catch...