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Let’s Go?

Taos Valley RV Park

Time to trade winter…

Warmer weather. Mysterious mountains. Alpine hot springs. Awakening bears.

And the road is calling. Time to hop in the RV and go?


…for this!

Water Water Everywhere…
Not so fast. Yes, you could drive off with everything still winterized, but you’d get awful-tasting pink water from your hookup. You need to rinse that pink RV antifreeze out of the hot water heater, fresh tank, and all your faucet lines.

Start by refilling the fresh tank from your hose. Then be sure you turn your water bypass valves to ‘normal’ – there’s at least one for the fresh tank, and one for the hot water heater. Turn on your water pump, then run the farthest faucet with fresh water until it runs clear. Repeat the running water trick with all other faucets and shower heads until they run clear too. No more pink water!

Change The Filters
When you winterized last fall, you removed the water filter first, right? It’s time to put it back in if it’s still in good shape, or to replace it. It’s also a good time to check and replace your A/C filter.

Is The Anode Still There?
The anode minimizes corrosive wear and tear on your steel hot water heater. It does this by reacting with oxidizing ions before the steel does. Consequently, the anode gets consumed and requires replacement before it’s all gone. It’s a good idea to flush the hot water tank, and replace the anode now if you need to.

Get Gas
You may not think about heat, but it’s a good idea to purge your propane lines and top off your LP gas for your refrigerator while you’re driving. You may also want heat for those early spring nights if you left the extra blankets home.

Check Engine
It’s also a good time to change the oil and any other underhood parts like sparkplugs (gas engine only). Check your owner’s manual for your RV’s needed service.

Now you’re ready.


Outside Ouray, Colorado


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