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Planning a military campaign? Then you’ll understand what our last few days have been like.

Do-It-Yourself Destination Wedding Planning
I’m getting married in 8 days. The wedding happens on a Saturday in a restored Great Kiva 1019 miles away. The reception restaurant couldn’t order the champagne we wanted, so we get to buy something locally and carry it in ourselves. The baker doesn’t normally deliver on Saturdays (!), so we get to pick the wedding cake up the morning of the wedding and deliver it to the restaurant’s refrigerator. They hopefully will have made the space for it we asked for.

Restored Great Kiva interior, Aztec Ruins National Monument

Restored Great Kiva, Aztec Ruins National Monument

Responsibilities In Writing – Just In Case
On top of everything else, I didn’t get the pre-marital agreement process going until last week, so I’ll be picking up the final version from the attorney’s office today. That was a lot of both attorneys putting things in to ‘protect’ us from what the other might do. My attorney pointed out the thing will probably sit in a drawer and collect dust, but it pays to have rights and marital responsibilities mapped out.

We need to have the agreement in our possession to review for 7 days before we sign and return it to my attorney. It also has to be done before we get married. That means we get to find a notary the day before the wedding, execute (blam!) sign the agreement in the notary’s presence, find a FedEx office, and mail it. Fortunately, most county clerk’s offices have notaries, and we have to go there anyway to get a marriage license.

I am an attorney’s son, so none of this is exactly strange to me. It’s just a pain in the rear.

After my grandmother had her will revised by my dad on one occasion, she said, “Now that we have prepared for my demise, perhaps I can have a little fun.”

Finishing the pre-marital agreement feels exactly like that.

Where’s Twin Angels?
On a New Mexico trip last June, we had no time to find the Twin Angels outlier to Chaco Canyon. This time, we hope to walk the 1/2 hour it should take to get to the site. The trail map and directions come from the Aztec Chamber of Commerce, in an effort to promote tourist visitation in addition to regular business from the oil industry folks.

I doubt that many people today make the effort to find a 17-room Anasazi ruin. 900 years ago, pilgrims may have stopped at Twin Angels on their way from the San Juan area to Chaco. I’m hoping to retrace their steps.